News Review #4

“Who won the third presidential debate? #BadHombres”

Story description: In light of the debate on Wednesday night, CNN covered the differing focuses of what was said at the debate, comparing the news networks’ focus of Trump’s refusal to accept the election results to social media’s focus on Trump’s use of “hombre” when discussing his plays in dealing with illegal immigration.

Why you selected the story: As a Latina, I felt that Trump’s attempt at using the word “hombre” when discussing his plans for immigration was extremely condescending, and I wanted to learn more about what others thought of his word choice and ideas. Also, I wanted to see how a journalist would try to stay unbiased even while covering just a controversial topic.

How the story used or was treated in social media:

  • #BadHombres has been trending over the past 24 hours on all social media platforms, but especially Twitter as Latinos have used the hashtag to write personal stories about being discriminated against and speak out against his language.
  • Hillary supporters have used his words as another reference to why he should not be president along with the hashtag #imwithher

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